How to Deal with Java 8 Stream API (Cont.)

Well, well. It seems I post faster that I thought regarding the additional Stream API functionalities. Soon after I published the stream how-to, a friend of mine came and gave me a feedback, or request […]

How to Deal with Java 8 Stream API

Introduction I’ve been in Java world since its 1.2.1 version. And I’ve been using all their major release version, until 8.0 recently. Therefore, I have noticed a couple game changers in several releases. Well, take […]

How to Create Custom Ansible Wildfly Module – Part 4

Introduction Hi there! Welcome to the last part for this long journey. Oops, I mean long posts regarding Ansible Wildfly Module. The reason why I posted such a multiple how-to is to reach the ultimate […]

How to Create Custom Ansible Wildfly Module – Part 3

Introduction Welcome to Ansible Wildfly Module part 3. Well, after creating a server, it is time to configure the JVM parameter. Basically, Wildfly host already has default JVM parameter. So, in practical, setting JVM is not a […]

How to Create Custom Ansible Wildfly Module – Part 2

Introduction After creating Wildfly Server Group in the first part, it is time to move to the second part. This post will discuss about creating server instance under each server group. Because without a server […]

How to Create Custom Ansible Wildfly Module – Part 1

Introduction As promised, I will bring the topic about creating ansible module for Wildfly management. Let’s call it Ansible Wildfly module. Take a note here, this is not about installing Wildfly on the target machine. Wildfly […]

How to Build Custom Ansible Module

Ansible Custom Module I am going very short about Ansible module description, here is from Ansible website: Ansible ships with a number of modules (called the ‘module library’) that can be executed directly on remote […]

How to Deploy Spring Boot App to Wildfly

Spring Framework One of the most exciting framework in the Java world is Spring Framework. They offer a lot of useful features, from spring core, spring jms, spring data jpa, spring boot and many more. […]

WordPress LEMP installation made simple

WordPress Installation I installed this site using Ansible. Yes, this wordpress site that you are reading, is setup and installed automatically via so called ansible playbook. In addition, this site is running on Ubuntu 16.04, Nginx, MySQL […]