About Me

547253_3596386351275_1943776196_nHi there! Not much about me. I am an IT professional with 10+ years experiences. For more detail about me, please look at my linkedIn profiles. If you want to know about my work, please look at my github because I share my code there. And one more thing, I am a big Arsenal fan. See you on comments or github.

PS: the picture is taken by one of my great friend. You can find him on twitter (@fxfier)

About The Blog

It is about writing. Yes, writing documentation. The least of my favorite things in the IT world. Well, don’t get me wrong, the least favorite does not imply I never do it. As a professional, I do documentation. From the requirements to system architecture and deployment diagram. And sometimes hand over document as well. It is a lot, isn’t it?

However, I rarely write anything outside my working place. Even only for step-by-step or how to. Let say I just learnt new framework. It is either no documentation or just documenting on a txt files, which most of them are disappeared. Sad things. Therefore, at some point of time, I decided to create a blog. Hopefully, this can be a great tool for learning how to write, as well as an online reference for what I have learnt so far.