A Study Case: Building A Simple Credit Card Fraud Detection System – Part 2: Mapping Gerkhin to Kafka Streams

Part 2 will talk about mapping the Gerkhin feature file into Cucumber Step Definition and its implementation using Kafka Streams.

How to Unit Test Kafka Streams Application – PART 1 (DSL)

This is part 1 of 2 articles to unit test Kafka Streams application. The first part talks about testing DSL transformation, stateless and stateful, including joining and windowing.

How to Join One-to-Many and Many-to-One Relationship with Kafka Streams

Yet another Kafka feature, which is Kafka Streams, allow us to join two streams into one single stream. Kafka streams provide one-to-many and many-to-one join types.

How to Encrypt and Decrypt Kafka Message using Custom (De)Serializers

Sensitive data always need to be handled with extra careful. Thus, in some cases, we need to encrypt before delivering message to Kafka topic.

How to Publish Subscribe to Kafka with Spring and SASL/SCRAM


After we secure Kafka Broker and Zookeeper with SASL/SCRAM, it is time for client (Java + Spring) to connect to secured Kafka.

How to Secure Confluent Kafka with SSL and SASL/SCRAM

Overview When I decided to include Apache Kafka as one of our technology stack, I never imagine the demand would be this huge. At first, my requirements were only two things. Something faster than ActiveMQ […]

How to Install Confluent Kafka Cluster by using Ansible

Overview The rise of micro-services brings another level of software architecture, which is a event driven architecture. One of the tools out there to support this mechanism is Apache Kafka. Today’s article will speak about […]